owls like the dark, right?

I hope they do — because it doesn’t look like today is going to get any brighter.  Obviously, I should just bust out the Sozialismus socks.  For some wooly illumination.
But focusing on the good news: I finished the body and am working on the first sleeve.  Also, notice the extreme depletion of the first ball of EcoWool.  Progress!
And though dark, it’s still not quite cold enough for such a wooly monster of a sweater.  I’ve got time.  (For that at least; the end of the semester is approaching with disconcerting rapidity.)

5 thoughts on “owls like the dark, right?

  1. owls do like the dark. it is grey here too. and yes, Progress (capital P) is certainly appropriate in a knitterly context!

  2. Isn’t it satisfying to come to the end of a skein of Eco Wool?

    The quarter is FLYING for me (week 5 of 10 already, which is terrifying), and I feel like I’ve accomplished very little. Sigh…

  3. Huzzah for progress! There’s something so satisfying seeing a giant ball of Eco Wool disappearing into something else.

    Maybe you’ll finish the sweater in time for colder weather.

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