do you see what i see?

Yep, owls!  It’s amazing what a Saturday devoted to knitting can accomplish.  I needed a rest after a grumpy and scattered week — let’s just say the transition back from an insufficient though lovely October break did not go smoothly — and thus declared Saturday a Day Off.  I knit, revelled in the EcoWool, watched Netflix instant television, ate Halloween candy.  And repressed the fact that I have a make-up seminar to attend in, oh, about an hour.
There are still a few ends to weave in and a good blocking wouldn’t hurt.  Not to mention some button eyes.  But the best news: EcoWool is apparently an inexhaustible source of wooly goodness!  I have about a skein and a quarter leftover … perhaps Stripes! will become a reality a bit sooner than I thought?

6 thoughts on “do you see what i see?

  1. yippee!! i love this. is it cool enough in TN to wear ecowool yet? i may have put stripes! on this morning to wear with my coffee, but i got a bit too warm. hooray for saturdays off!

  2. So, so cute! I absolutely love the owls in that dark shade of charcoal. Sounds like a great way to spend a Halloween Saturday. Eco Wool is awesome!

    BTW, a make-up seminar on a Sunday? What sick, twisted mind dreamed that up. Not even Poe could imagine such a thing.

    Then again, we once held an extra seminar meeting (Latin epigraphy and paleography) just for fun! And it was fabulous.

  3. Hey! That’s awesome! I’ve been doing a lot of knitting lately too, and it’s such a great break. I’m glad to see Owls all good looking and almost finished!

  4. the Owls is wonderful. There were a TON of them at Rhinebeck this year. I love the pattern. What sort of eye treatment will you do?

  5. Congrats on finishing the sweater. The owls really pop from the background. What color eyes will they have?

    Once I finish up my Christmas knitting, I can revel in Eco Wool again when I get back to my Hemlock Ring. I’m only using 3 balls of Eco Wool and I hope it will be exceedingly large.

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