wish fulfillment.

kidsilk haze!
If we go with Freud and agree that every dream is indeed a wish fulfillment, then I just might be dreaming.  Because the first installment of a dream project arrived yesterday.
The  addictive, entirely too expensive, non-sensically named, yet utterly divine kidsilk haze in two neutral shades: Jacob (631) and Elegance (577).  Government names: brown and green, respectively.
This is my reward for making it this far at NewGraduateInstitution: for turning in writing assignments pretty much on time, for getting up each morning and trying again, for starting to learn that finished is sometimes good enough, for recognizing that it’s hard and I won’t get it right every time, for making mistakes, for digging my heels in and sticking with it.
kidsilk haze!
It’s also a project I can knit while reading.
p.s. Verra Yarns, where I ordered this from (and fellow Washingtonians no less), were super fast.  The package arrived pretty much the day after I placed my order.  Instant mohair gratification.

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