der blaue mond

So … this might give you an idea of just how quickly the earth stripe wrap is going.  Definitely a more complicated project than I had anticipated.  Especially when one comes home very tired.

Socks to the rescue!
This is another attempt at a Hundertwasser sock (I will not be defeated!): der blaue mond (650) in my go-to straight-up sock pattern, Gentleman’s Plain Winter Sock (minus the dutch heel methinks).  So far, so good.  So time to get to campus.
I had a good meeting yesterday with the future-advisor, which left me feeling like I was on the right track (finally) and that my goals were attainable, my ideas sound places to start, my achievements valid.
And I didn’t want to compromise that by tangling some mohair.



5 thoughts on “der blaue mond

  1. yay for feeling good AFTER meeting with your advisor. if only we could bottle that feeling and save it for later…

    these are mighty purty socks, btw.

  2. This is the perfect antidote to the uber complicated crack-silk wrangling. I love this sock yarn (I knit a der blaue mond sock a couple years ago) and it wears like iron!

  3. Having a go-to sock is always the solution! Curious – what is it about the earth wrap that is making it complicated – working with the yarn?

    Glad your meeting went well – sounds like you are moving forward!

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