boring sock progress.

I’ve got nothing.  Just some boring sock progress.  After a full day of indexing — (1/3 of the way done!!  We’ve hit quadruple-digit page numbers!  Only … 1500 more pages to go.  On a related note: have I mentioned how much I hate 1) royal houses, 2) their issue, 3) their complicated marriage alliances, 4) unintelligble shades of rank, and 5) unswerving loyalty to discovering all combinations of about five Christian names?  No?  Well, consider it mentioned.  Markgraf?  Fürst?  Prinz?  Kronprinz?  Großherzog?  König?  Friedrich?  Yeah.  All not that same thing.) — seminar, and research paper researching … this is all I can muster.
It’s kind of lame.  I’ll freely admit that.  But it’s not going to get better any time soon.  Though I can promise some pretty sweet reward yarn — as of yet undetermined — when the semester is over.
earth stripe
Speaking of reward yarn, the earth stripe has a few more stripes.  Considering the pattern repeat is, um, 180+ some rows long, I guess I should really get busy.  Or just resign myself to wearing this next winter.
In other news, dork that I am, how did I ever get through the last 23 years without the King of America?  I get bored with indexing and buy stuff from itunes to distract myself from the royal houses.  Which is really a pretty hit-or-miss strategy when it comes to long-term buying decisions.  This time, it was the perfect album.

6 thoughts on “boring sock progress.

  1. Even though your studies take most of your time, it’s good to see that you still have some time for knitting and listening to music 🙂 I see some progress on your Earth Stripe Wrap. It’s going to be gorgeous, even if it’ll not be finished until next winter.

  2. Sounds like your making good progress on several fronts which is great even if there is still a long way to go. I’m all too familiar with that.

    Both the sock and the stripe are looking good. Can’t wait to see them finished…even if it is next winter. 🙂

  3. Friedrich Wilhelm and Friedrich der Große! Come on, you can’t tell me that remembering which one is Karl V. and Karl III. isn’t _easy_.

    Though I had to laugh that you went from indexing German royal houses to something called “_King_ of America”.

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