it’s that time of year …

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… and I don’t think I’m the only one who could benefit from a little Lucky Jim (1954) therapy.

“It was a perfect title, in that it crystallized the article’s niggling mindlessness, its funereal parade of yawn-enforcing facts, the pseudo-light it threw upon non-problems. Dixon had read, or begun to read, dozens like it, but his own seemed worse than most in its air of being convinced of its own usefulness and significance. ‘In considering this strangely neglected topic,’ it began. This what neglected topic? This strangely what topic? This strangely neglected what? His thinking all this without having defiled and set fire to the typescript only made him appear to himself as more of a hypocrite and fool.” (Penguin edition, 2002; pp. 14-15)

Thanks for reminding me, Jodi!


3 thoughts on “it’s that time of year …

  1. One of my very favourite books ever. Quite counterintuitively, it’s one of the books that made me decide as an undergrad that a PhD was the thing for me — haha!

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