Photo 24

Photo 24, originally uploaded by katie:m.

Fall has arrived in Nashville. And I celebrated by wrapping myself up in wooly goodness: the Ishbel of much largeness. It’s perfect!

It’s also my last day of class for a week: hooray for strangely scheduled Thanksgiving holidays! I’ve got a paper to finish and another to start … but no classes, a visit from my sister, and some delicious gravy to look forward to.


7 thoughts on “Photo 24

  1. Gravy is a very good thing to look forward too…and sisters of course.

    Fall has finally arrived for me too. If only most my hand knitted goodness wasn’t still packed up in storage.

  2. Fall has arrived… and we’re heading into winter. Can we switch places? 😉

    I only have one day of class next week but I still would love to have a longer time. I have to write a paper before then… bah.

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