ultimate friday giveaway bonanza = awesome.

Who’s the luckiest girl in Nashville?  That would be me.
Just look at all of the goodies that the wonderful people behind loumms (emmms and lou) sent all the way from what I feel certain Professor Welch would insist on calling “Merrie England.”  The project bag the perfect size for small projects — not to mention über-cheerful with its red flowers and blue birds (though come the zombie apocalypse …) — and even came with a matching lavendar sachet (genius!); the moth banishment hanging sachet is going in my closet this very minute (p.s. I ❤ owls); the buttons are waiting for a special garment to adorn; the chocolate might not last the weekend; the book will provide an interesting study in the possible structural similarities of surviving the zombie invastion and making it through finals in Nashville.
Also, the yarn = so so pretty.  Which is kind of weird, as it’s named “zombie” and is featured in the final LYoS sock: “Dawn of the Dead.”  I think there’s a theory about that somewhere …
Right now, I’m just mulling over the possibilities.  And am thinking stripes.
Again, a big big thank you to Emmms and Lou for packing so much delightfulness into such a small package!

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