before + after

Look at that heel turn.  Poetry in motion.  Or, um, wool.  No holes at the join (thank you picked-up and twisted stitches!), short-rows neat and tidy, perfect width for the heel cup.
But then, I tried the sock on.
Too short.
Argh.  I shake my fist at you, gauge.
before + after
See, I like the Gentleman’s Plain Winter Sock because it has a nice, tall leg: 9 inches, in fact.  I find that very pleasing.
Thing is, ever since I switched down to the 2.5mm/US1.5 needles, from the former go-to size 2.75mm/US2, my super-tight knitting has really come into its own.
My gauge?  9.75 sts and 13 r = 1″.  Pattern gauge on the same size needles?  8 sts and 10.5 = 1″.
So that means I need to knit a lot more leg.
And pray to the saint in charge of these things (Jude, perhaps?) that the wool will stretch sufficiently to fit comfortably over my shapely calves.
more bonanza
But look what I found hiding in the project bag?  Some awesome vintage buttons.  More incentive to get started on a cardigan project soon.

4 thoughts on “before + after

  1. I guess this begs the question: why did you switch? It seems like it was going well enough on 2.75mm needles.

    Someday I want to just find awesome vintage buttons on my bag. That would be a good day. 😉

  2. I’ve done a fair about of sock frogging and it’s always really annoying.

    My go-to needles are 2.5 and I usually get about 9 sts and 12 rows. So I usually end up modifying most patterns to fit my gauge instead of the other way around. Also, I have larger than size 8 feet so I have to do it anyway.

    I’ll pray for stretchy socks.

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