red vines!

You know how some people have strong opinions about, oh, politics, religion, the environment, philosophy?  That’s how I feel about the whole Red Vines vs. Twizzlers debate.
There is only one right answer.  And that answer is Red Vines.
And not just because one brand and one brand alone comes in a 4-pound bucket.  Which is now sitting on my kitchen counter.  Oh no, it has to do with taste, texture, and overall objective goodness.
Also, thanks to the relative scarcity of Red Vines in NJ (thank you Target!  And Blockbuster!), they are great way to bond: I’ve had many a fond conversation with fellow transplants in search of some decent flavored licorice.
Earlier today I was getting all uptight about not having gotten enough done today, school-wise.  Then I thought: wait a minute, sure I take more time off now, but I also get more done.  There might be a connection.
So I thought I’d tell you about my soup.  To call it a recipe would be to greatly overstate its complexity: basically, I bought whatever soup-worthy frozen vegetables were available at Krogers, added some canned corn and squash (with onions!), chicken broth, chicken, kale, and whole-wheat egg noodles.  It’s delicious.
Though I do feel like I cheated on the cooking.
Knitting to share soon, too.  Luckily, the sock situation is under control and back on track.

5 thoughts on “red vines!

  1. I’ve *never* had Red Vines. I’m not a Twizzlers fan, so perhaps they would be up my alley!

    The soup looks delicious and very healthy — the perfect dish for fall.

    I’m right there with you on the schoolwork. 10 pages to finish revising by tomorrow afternoon!

  2. i’m not sure i’ve ever had a red vine. my mom is a twizzler lady. hooray that you’re back on track with the sock. and i’m with you both on work. somehow i managed to do a lot of things today, none of them the paper i wanted to start this weekend. sigh.

  3. The school experience reminds me of mine own school days where I sometimes felt guilty because I had to go grocery shopping. Thankfully, that’s over with…for now anyway.

    The soup looks tasty by the way.

  4. Like April I feel guilty when I go grocery shopping. It’s time that I’m not spent working! And I procrastinate all the time! But you’re right, when you take some breaks you work harder later.

    Also when you’re well fed you work better. So food might be a good thing to take time out for.

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