back on track

So the sock is back on track.  The frogging and reknitting were completely painless; it was only a heel, after all.  So much better than just finishing a sock that I knew would only lead to disappointment every time I put it on.  And this yarn is way too pretty for such an unsatisfactory sock.
der blaue mond
I also changed strategies and went with the after-thought heel.  I’ve mentioned how much I dislike working it, but really: it’s the only way to go for my neurotic desire not — for the love of God, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph — to mess with the stripes.
As I remember, I liked working the dutch heel.  Maybe I’ll have to find some non-striping yarn and give it a try again?
The sock kind of brought out my reforming zeal.  For instance:
silk kerchief, again
Look familiar?
I have a number of shawls that for one reason or another do not pass muster.  It’s not that there is something inherently wrong with them, it’s just that having made a number of shawls I’ve discovered what I do and don’t like.
And I don’t like small: I want to be able to snuggle with my shawls, wrap them around and get cozy.  They don’t all need to be as big as the Ishbel, but they do need a bit of heft to them.
silk kerchief, again
So I decided to get busy with the expansion project.  And started with some therapeutic garter stitch.
such a big helper
So far, so good.  But how could it go wrong if Alice is on duty?

5 thoughts on “back on track

  1. i’m with you on shawls that are big enough to be more than decorative. i don’t wear the small ones, even though they are pretty! yay for sock progress, and glad to see you’re back on track. now, if only i were on track with this paper…

  2. i agree a larger shawl makes more sense. Having made a very pretty but disappointingly small Estuary Lavalette, I learned my lesson. Bigger IS better.

  3. I’ve always wondered what your brilliant turquoise background surface was. It’s a really cute little brilliant turquoise table! Thanks for sharing 😉

    Your shawl looks very cozy. I agree – I prefer shawls with some substance.

  4. Good luck with finishing up sock and the shawl. They’re looking really nice.

    I’m going to have to try out the afterthought heel soon since I’ve never actually knit one before.

  5. Glad the sock is back on track – hope you post pictures of the afterthought heel process – I’ve never done it (do you cut the heel? I’ll have to go look it up now!)

    I like big shawls too – but I do have a couple of small ones and wear them as scarves.

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