progress: small p.

Did you know that Nashville is one of the largest cities in the US, in terms of square miles (533)?  That’s bigger than L.A. (498).  Or that Nashville is home to the world’s only full-sized reproduction of an ancient Greek temple (the Parthenon, built 1895-97 for the state’s Centennial Exposition)?  Which also houses the largest indoor statue (Athena) in the western hemisphere?
Yeah, I didn’t either until a(n) historian came to visit.
earth stripe
When not learning about my new city’s wonders of trivia, it’s just knitting and writing.  And some eating.
Hope everyone who celebrated had a delicious Thanksgiving!  (We did.)

5 thoughts on “progress: small p.

  1. I did not know any of that! I wonder how big London is.
    I love your silk kerchief – I just bought yarn yesterday to make one for myself in the same colours, can’t wait to cast on!

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