I’m such a sucker for garter stitch.
The barefoot rooster made a couple of these awesome hats a while back.  I thought to myself, yes, indeed, that is a fine fine hat but I don’t really need a super warm wool hat.  Then it got cold in Nashville.  Then I saw this post: another super hero helmet hat.  And I thought to myself, today is the day.
So, I ball and a half of Rowan big wool in pepto-pink (#30, tricky?  looks like it’s been discontinued …) — that I once really thought I’d use for a sweater — and a couple of hours later: instant hat!  It’s bright pink and awesome and I’m wearing it to school tomorrow.

kitty mind control

Also, Alice can control your thoughts with her kitty lasers.  Just FYI.


11 thoughts on “hat-o-matic

  1. i propose a new uniform for all way cool knitterly historians: dark framed glasses, nose rings, and super hero helmet hats. (check, check, and check.)

    love the hat. i might actually need another one. (the green one now lives in rhode island.)

  2. oh dear, nose rings might be optional. i’ve just realized that yours was a rather large speck of dirt on my computer screen. silly, silly rooster.

  3. Cute hat. Also, yay for garter stitch and ear coverage!

    Kitty lasers are ruthless. I was almost compelled to adopt a big, friendly, black cat the other day because of them. If only the boyfriend weren’t allergic…

  4. This hat is awesome! I love the color and it looks so cozy. It’s definitely on my list, maybe even to knit. The below freezing temps are playing a part in all my *ahem* decisions lately. :p

    And trying to avoid my usual running behind comments, I’ll just throw in here that I love the gentleman’s socks you’re working on. And I’m totally craving Red Vines after seeing the huge container of yours. Though to be honest, I’m not sure if I’ve ever had them and always thought they were the same as Twizzlers. (please don’t throw things at me) 🙂

  5. Great hat – I love the shape of it, and the color is so pretty! I’ll have to resist starting one…

    I love the kitty picture – especially with all of the toys in front of her – too funny!

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