boring shawl progress.

Yeah, that’s all I’ve got.  A big ol’ pile of mara.
(And cat hair.  Sorry about that, but it’s a Fact of Life around here.  I did spend some time trying to wipe it off my computer screen, so I’ll save you the trouble.  It’s in the photo.)
This is how much shawl almost one full skein of Araucania nature wool gets you.  Not too shabby.  Well, it is 242 yards.  I find those extra 2 yards are the key to feeling like you’ve gotten your money’s worth.
I’ve got two more.  Skeins, that is.
mara w/alice
I like my photos to look all pristine and blue.  But this is the reality.  There’s usually a kitty lurking, attempting to get a better view of the neighborhood squirrels.  (Or frat boys.  Who, by the way, never offer me a beer when they’re having parties.  Seriously.  When did I get so old?)
helmut hat hair
In other news: I got my hair cut.  It is also a different color now.  But I still love the super hero helmet hat.*  (I just typed “Helmut”.  One guess as to the name of one of my professors this semester.)  The salon was super hip and very Nashville cool … but also very very near my house.  I felt totally out of place.  Whatever, it was fun.
* This mention in honor of NK(G)RSfGNRSHHHC month: December is national knitting (g)rad students for glasses, nose rings, and super hero helmet hat celebration month.
My nose ring is aspirational.  It could happen one day.

4 thoughts on “boring shawl progress.

  1. Yes, happy NK(G)RSfGNRSHHHC month to you too! I love that hat. And I think a third skein is a good thing. I only had 2 skeins of the beaverslide (250 yd/skein), and that came very close to becoming a disaster.

    Also, frat boys don’t offer me beer around here either.

  2. Pretty shawl and it doesn’t look bad with the cat hair. Good thing too since you’ll never be able to get rid of it. I know that struggle all too well.

    In Alice’s defense, squirrels are very distracting. I see tons of them from my new window and can’t help but look at them. Evil distracting squirrels…

  3. My knitting always has cat hairs – and I try to get them out of the pictures but never can do it. Love the shawl – what a great green!

    Nice haircut (and nice hat!)

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