i have been remiss

… in not introducing my favorite poodle more often.  The barefoot rooster’s explosion of canine cuteness (seen here) inspired me to share.  She lives at home with the parents — where she is by far the favorite daughter — so I don’t get to spend as much time as I might like with her.
As you might guess, she thinks she’s a lap dog.
Look at that face.  I love her to pieces.
In other news: knitting!
dolores park, redo
I reknit my handspun dolores park cowl.  It was just funky and not working (I added some increases: why?!) Now it’s nice and cozy.  Also, the wool has a metallic thread running through it … awesome.
Handspun from cloudlover69.
Now, back to work.

5 thoughts on “i have been remiss

  1. That is one sweet face! 🙂

    The cowl looks so cozy and cheerful. Enjoy winter break! I still have one more meeting with my adviser before I officially call it vacation (although I’m still working part-time over the holidays, bah).

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