twisted stitch!

twisted stitch!
A little heel progress.  I ripped and went with the short-row heel after all.  This sock: so much drama.  All seems to be well, though I am a little disappointed that my favorite red stripe ended up pooling on the bottom of the heel.  Qué sera sera and all that.
But this new heel leads me to the purpose of this post: the twisted stitch.  You’re probably familiar with Wendy Knits and her method of avoiding gaps where the heel meets the instep: basically m1, and on the following round k2tog (and ssk if you’re neurotic like me and prefer your decreases mirrored).
(I can’t find the post where I remember her talking about this, but it’s there somewhere.)
What did I do?
Oh yeah, I twisted that mofo.
I can’t be the only one who’s done this.  Heck, it might even be suggested on Wendy’s site already.  But yesterday was a day of small victories (up to 9 pages!) and I thought I’d share.
ETA: Actually, it looks like I just learned to do the m1 (specifically: m1f) increase correctly.  Oh well.  I’m still pleased.
Now, back to work.

4 thoughts on “twisted stitch!

  1. Such cute socks – love the red stripe too!

    I don’t like short row heels – I always do the other way – I really need to try them again though…

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