so close

So very close.

Break has started and I’m celebrating by knitting … and watching lots of internet television.  But let’s concentrate on the knitting.
These socks are already wonderful and they don’t even have a toe.  Or a mate.  Despite those minor difficulties, I love the colors, the stripes, the sturdy feel of the yarn, the pattern.  They’re the kind of project I want done right. now. for immediate garment enjoyment.
Soon, very soon.

5 thoughts on “so close

  1. There is something quite hilarious about that photo. Not that your feet are hilarious, but the angle? And the slight distortion? I love it. Enjoy the break you deserve it.

  2. Hurray for break! I spent all day knitting, watching Bones, drinking tea, and eating Christmas cookies. Extreme relaxation.

    The socks are looking fabulous.

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