and so the semester begins

… with sweet kittylove and bags firmly in place under my eyes.  I’m off to teach — German for Reading, but I’d rather it was German for Knitting (side note: maybe I could slip it in without anyone noticing?  who needs conjugation when you know how to ssk and k2tog in German?) — and go to seminar and basically, um, not knit.
Once I have the time to get some decent blue-table photos, I’ll attempt to document my wild holiday fling with Patons Classic Wool.  Many, many hats.
Also, mara broke my needles.  And I just couldn’t deal, sitting there in Denver waiting for my connection.  Still can’t.  Between books (warning: two novel-heavy seminars does not lead to financial security) and activity fees (but I have no activities) and regular bills (or time for cable), new circulars just might have to wait.  Good thing I have lots of 47″ cables still intact.

6 thoughts on “and so the semester begins

  1. i have missed the blue table, but i love this photo. helllloooo, alice. boo on broken needles and bills, but hooray that your students are going to be able to both read and knit in German.

  2. Busy, busy! I remember taking German for Reading long ago.

    My term’s off to a busy start, too. Perhaps I can teach my Greek students some knitting terms? Too bad the Greeks were more into weaving.

  3. all the best for the new semester and your course! I’m winding down here in Düsseldorf (our term ends in about four weeks) but there will be a stack of about 100 tests to be graded waiting for me when it’s over… which size circulars do you need to replace?

  4. Bah! I say at mara breaking the needles. Your post reminded me to be very grateful that my semester hasn’t started yet. Hope it’s a good kind of busy though, and you get lots of kittylove over the semester!

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