new year knitting roundup

Somehow I’ve managed to accumulate a shocking number of works-in-progress.  How did this happen?  Though a firm believer in project monogamy, I seem to have strayed frequently from the path of righteous exclusivity.  My moral fiber has obviously weakened.
Let’s take a ramble through my indiscretions.
1. mara:
Things were a-ok, then my needles broke.  I haven’t yet sat down to face getting the approximately 3 billion stitches back on a (new) needle — because, well, I think I need to frog some of the ribbing.  The 1×1 section strikes me as (proportionally) too large compared with the 2×2 section.  So.  I should really get on that.
der blaue mond
These are my portable campus project: no big hurry to get them done.  Though I would like a new pair of handknit socks.  So maybe I should hurry up just a little bit.
earth stripe
Yep.  Haven’t really worked on this one much.  All of that mohair is a little intimidating after a long day.
cherry blossom bandit
This is part of my shawl-enlargement project.  I’ve already added a bunch of repeats to the body section (4?); if my cunning plan pans out, I’d like to add a bunch more for a super-soft and super-cozy bandit of epic proportions.  It could happen.
5. owls:
Oh, owls.  How I want to wear you right now.  How I wish you were a cardigan.  How I wish you were not huge.  Yeah, that’s going to take some time.
Hey, long time no see.  Since I stuffed the project bag in dark corner of my crafty closet of doooooom.
7. futur II socks:
futur II socks
As in, not only am I total German grammar dork, but I haven’t even started some Christmas knitting.  Sheesh.  (Futur II = to express an event that will be completed in the future = By the end of January, I will have completed these socks.)
Guess I should get busy.

3 thoughts on “new year knitting roundup

  1. Pretty stuff and it all wants to be complete too.

    Maybe you’ll wake up in the night and find them all piled around you without knowing how they got there. Zombie knits. That’s a scary thought.

  2. Ohhh, I totally need to do one of these posts. I’m scared to find out how many projects I have on the go, though! And, ahem, my cupboards are such a mess that I don’t even know whether I’ll be able to *find* half of my WIPs. Oh dear oh dear…. Yours all look lovely – the earth stripe wrap is *gorgeous*, and Mara looks beautiful, but it’s so sad to see all those poor little lost stitches!

  3. um, i heart all of these. and you are almost done with most of them…unlike my WIPs, which are mostly languishing at well under halfway done. if you keep working on all of them, slowly, you are going to have a week where suddenly everything is finished. and then you can post an FO picture where you are wearing all of these at once. (this may be my best idea of the day.)

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