I’ll admit it, I went a little hog wild with the Patons Classic Wool.  This stack o’ hats is the fruit of my knitterly labor over the Christmas break.
The four on top are all variations on the superlative Super Hero Helmet Hat, minus the all-over garter stitch and the ear flaps.  I meant to add ear flaps, but just never got around to it.  I also added in some spiraling stripes à la this tutorial.
Which brings us to the two on the bottom … Ripley!
Can I just say: this is an awesome pattern.  I wasn’t convinced — the folds look kind of funky, after all — but as soon as I put the hat on … well, that was all the proof I needed.
So much proof, in fact, that I went and knit both versions.  Admittedly, this is a bit more feminine than my usual style … but I think the contrast could work.
Funky, right?
What you can’t see, is that I totally f*ed the lace edging when it came time to kitchener the ends together.  Yeah.  I had to frog, pick up the stitches around the brim, and reknit.  Kind of reverse engineering the whole shebang: a knitted on border, basically, cleaned up with a row of single (?) crochet.
Things have seemed a little unsettled lately and I’m certainly putting toes in waters all kinds of unfamiliar.  All the while desperate trying to remember that no matter the specific situation or context “nobody ever died of awkward” (see Queer Fat Femme).
The hats were a nice way to relax and just enjoy knitting.

8 thoughts on “hats!

  1. these are AWESOME. if only you could wear more than one hat at a time…i have been meaning to make ripley for a while, but after reading the pattern, it seemed fiddly. these are enough to convince me i should do it. and yes — hats are such comfort knitting. (also, i love these helmet hats sans earflaps. they look sort of like the meathead hat, which is a shape i love.)

  2. What great hats – I like the color combinations you chose – very unusual and pretty.

    Now I’m off to look Ripley up to see what it looks like on….

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