futur II

The semester starts and it seems like life just slips into Futur II: In February, I will have … read 1000 pages … heard many job talks … drunk too much coffee … hopefully completed these socks.
So far, the Noro Silk Garden is dreamy.  I love the think-and-thin texture and the slubby bits of silk that pop up now and then.  These are already a super late Christmas present (thanks, end of last semseter) and I decided on straight-ahead stockinette over 60 stiches on US2/3.00mm for maximum speed.
futur II
On my way.

4 thoughts on “futur II

  1. these are lovely. i have some of this sock yarn, and i am thinking i may need to get it out sooner than later. also, i owe you an email!

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