snow day!

This is how much snow it takes to get a snow day in Nashville.  Yep, I just canceled class.  I’m trying not to let the power go to my head.
futur II
Theoretically, snow days mean more time for knitting.  Today, it might just mean more time in the library.
futur II
The semester is a cruel mistress.

5 thoughts on “snow day!

  1. that she is. i wish i could declare a cold day, as my snot froze in my nose today on my way to and from campus. (TMI? i think not.)

  2. Wow! Here in the Upper Midwest we most definitely don’t get to call a snow day for that, but we also have the equipment to deal with it.

    Hey, a little extra library time is always good for the productivity. My winter quarter is jam-packed and making me long for winter break all over again.

  3. That’s all there is to a snow day there? Geez, I’ve been going to college in Minnesota and I haven’t had one yet. Jealous! Sorry about the no knitting though!

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