monday mara

I feel slightly disingenuous posting this … even though I might have taken mara out for a quick snap in the last of the January sunshine, I didn’t actually work on it.
See how I’m stalled at back on the needles with inches of final flutter to go?  The problem is, it’s just not portable at this size and, well, in my mind if I could take it with me to campus, I’d be sure to work on it.  No other (smaller) projects to catch my eye and keep me unfaithful.
Once a cheater, always a cheater.

3 thoughts on “monday mara

  1. i mean, monday mara is alliterative, so all is forgiven. i definitely recall the unwieldiness of the this knit, especially near the end. thanks for this dose of brightness –so necessary at the start of a long week.

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