Yep, I made another giagantor shawl.  Let’s just say that Araucania nature wool really grows when blocked.
And, yes, I’m also now a brunette.  Not sure how it happened, but my hair lady is super adorable and I’m willing to go with it.
Lately, it’s been “a matter of getting by” … someone recommended Madeline Adams’ “White Flag” and he was more right on than he knew.  But I’m getting by.  That’s what matters, right?
After all, as Madeline assures me: “But I think that it could get better and I think that we’ve seen the worst / And if it takes a couple drinks to get the devil off your sleeve, well honey / God knows you won’t be the first.”

8 thoughts on “mara!

  1. i hear you about getting by — new squishy shawls and new hair ‘dos can help. (love them both — and your outfit!)

    friday is here.

  2. Very nice! Great denim skirt / tall boots combo, too.

    I often think of the immortal words of the Mountain Goats: “I am going to make it through this year, if it kills me.”

    I had been considering going red-headed, but seeing Lindsey Vonn’s gorgeous long blond hair in the Olympics has prompted me to change my mind.

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