what a difference a day makes

You know what’s playing on the radio right now?  “When I Come Around.”  It’s like a flashback to high school: fun and depressing at the same time.
Fun fact: Green Day’s song Longview was apparently named after my hometown.  It’s pretty accurate.  (Right, Akaemi?)
But onto the knitting!
Turns out, slow and steady really does win the race:
January 31, 2010
This Araucania nature wool had been in my stash for years: it was some of the first yarn I bought when I started knitting again (c. 2006).  I lost the ball band long, long ago (might be color VE16) and really have no idea why I picked this out in the first place.  I think I had vague ideas of making a cardigan.
February 13, 2010
I’m glad I waited, though, and knit a gigantic shawl instead.  In the end, I used just about all of 3 skeins (= 726 yards); the last rows were so long, I decided to quit while I was ahead and just bind off already instead of finding myself out of yarn half-way through.
Let me tell you, this wool really grows.  Of course, I didn’t measure it before blocking, but let’s just say it was on petite side.  After a bath and hanging over the shower rod to dry (Alice has apparently rediscovered her love of all things wooly and would not stop rolling around on it, snagging it with her kitty claws) … it is, well, huge.  Bigger even than my Ishbel.
so good, i wore it twice
February 19, 2010
The yarn bloomed in the most lovely way after a bath: soft and relaxed, the garter stitch opened up a bit and drapes wonderfully.  The green color is the best pick-me-up for long days on campus.
Final measurements:
86″ wingspan, 34″ deep at the center.  It is taller than I am.  I love it and am already planning my next giant shawl.
More details here.
EtA: I kind of love that my shawl matches my crazy green table.

8 thoughts on “what a difference a day makes

  1. i said it before and i’ll say it again. i LOVE this. and i think i might need a shawl that is taller than me. and hmmm, i have 3 skeins of araucania nature wool hiding somewhere…

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