purple rain

Hmmm.  Looks like someone might have joined the Crown Mountain Farms sockhop club.
And by someone, I mean Alice.
Like me, she’s all for supporting fellow Washingtonians, especially Washingtonians who produce colorful, squishy, barberpole-y yarn.

purple rain

Yeah, it was a good investment.  Investment in happiness.


7 thoughts on “purple rain

  1. Oh, man, how unfair! Now I WAAAAANT that yarn, but I see on the site that it is ONLY available to club members. Curses! Keep me in mind if you get a color you want to destash 🙂 And now off to peruse Ravelry…

  2. alice makes great decisions. does she provide advice/counseling services to others? boh might need help with some upcoming yarn purchases…

  3. Its great when everyone in the house gets involved in yarn – glad Alice is finally doing something.

    Very pretty yarn – I’ve used CM rovings but haven’t used their yarn – but it looks very very squishy and soft.

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