Today I discovered K&S World Market.  Can I tell you how much I’ve missed trips to the Asian market, good chinese restaurants, and dinners in with a dedicated fan of spicy ramen noodles?  The answer is simple: lots.
This is the result of my trip: a 20-pack of Shin Ramyun — South Korea’s premier “gourmet spicy” noodles — and baby bok choy.  What you don’t see are the packages of vegetable dumplings and steamed buns now residing in my freezer.
It was the best dinner ever.
When I moved to Nashville, I pretty much cut all ties with my NJ life: I put it all in boxes, changed my phone number, and have been avoiding it ever since.  That changed this week.
Basically, I’d thrown out the baby with the bathwater.  Now I’m trying to remember all of the good things that happened in those 6 years and get back to some of the things that made me the happiest.  Ramen is a first step.
So is digging out my favorite ticket stub.
Yep, I keep my movie ticket stubs.  All of them.  Well, all of them since about 2004 anyway.  I have quite a horrifying collection: my taste in movies is both predictable and trashy.  This was a bright spot.  In lots of ways.

shopping tunic

So is listening to Paul Simon again.  The Queen of Corona makes me smile to myself lately.

I don’t think picking this yarn was a mistake either.  This has been around since sometime in 2006: I remember sitting on my couch in apartment #2 thinking it was so pretty and wondering if the pattern I’d picked out would work.  I even swatched.  (Say it with me now: what was I thinking?!  A purple pullover?!!??)

Now I’m making something with it that I would’ve never ever not-in-a-million years considered back then.

And eating spicy ramen.  It’s a good start.


3 thoughts on “delicious

  1. The noodles look very good – what is on top?

    I used to keep movie stubs but I stopped in the name of decluttering – but it was nice to go back sometimes and see what we did/saw.

  2. Good luck getting the fun and tasty stuff back.

    I collect movie tickets too. “Father of the Bride 2” is the oldest one I have.

  3. I *keep* movie tickets, but they get scattered all over the place and I hardly ever look at them again.

    I’m sorry to hear you shut out your NJ life. It’s so very frustrating and *exhausting* when something so dramatic happened that you shut everything out. Anyway – your dinner looks yum.

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