blaue Blume

i love this stuff so much
Still crazy after all these years.  I bought this yarn in at Northampton Wools* in Northampton, Massachusetts, in 2006.  This doesn’t seem right somehow, but I guess it must be the case.  If my super precise dating system (based entirely on ancedotal evidence, Ravelry projects, and exam dates) is to be trusted.
This yarn — which I talk about with some frequency and just as frequently fail to knit — is my one true love.  Well, my one true wooly love.  Alice gets the unqualified title.
It is my favorite hat:
my favorite hat
This hat earned me many laughs and many smiles every time I pulled it on this winter.  I guess colorful woolen goods are a rarity in Nashville or something.  Luckily, it didn’t stop traffic.  Unlike the snow.
It’s the trusty EZ ganomy: keeps my ears covered and my head warm.  My decreases are all wrong, it’s starting to pill, and is very very pointy, but I love it.  Not only for its ridiculous colors but as an index of experience: at the moment I knit this (January 2007), these are the skills I had, this is where I was in my (knitting) life.  I don’t want to fix it, I want to enjoy the imperfections for what they are: steps along the way.
So much has changed in the meantime — good, bad, indifferent, inevitable — and I so much like how this hat has come through it all with me.  I’m a little worse for wear, too, but we’re both still going.
i love this stuff so much
Which brings me to the problem of the blaue Blume.  Arguably the central metaphor of Romanticism, the search for the blue flower stands for the metaphysical striving toward the infinite and (thus necessarily also) unreachable.
It’s not really talking about knitting, but that’s exactly what my search for a pattern worthy of the greatness of this yarn has become.  Many attempts have been made; just as many have been rejected as somehow inadequate.
Now, I have a vision I am chasing: a perfect, and perfectly colorful, cardigan of some form.  Fitted and slightly funky, but not too funky — the yarn does most of that work.  But what form exactly?  The most vexing of vexing questions.  I continue to mull and search.
i love this stuff so much
And I’m almost certainly going to have to buy more yarn.
* If you saw The Edge of Darkness you can just see the shop in one of the Northampton streeet scenes.  That really wasn’t enough to make the movie totally worthwhile.

2 thoughts on “blaue Blume

  1. a modified sassymmetrical, maybe? or that drops cardigan 113-17, i think, that has a lace yoke — i feel like that cardigan has a nice, lean fit. (and i love your ganomey. nothing like worn-in woollens.)

  2. Your hat looks really nice and I definitely want to make a ganomy for myself now.

    Looking back there are several projects that define my progression as a Knitter that I love because of the mistakes. They also help me remember what’s changed and I love them for that too.

    Good luck finding the perfect pattern.

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