i’m not proud of this …

… but this has been the year I started watching television again.  To be fair, it’s mostly internet television — except for a few stellar weekend Law & Order marathons — and mostly only during off hours.  Still, it worries me.  I’m getting involved in these characters’ lives.  Lulled into the sweet sleep of the televisual coma.
All of which is precisely how I managed to go from this …
der blaue mond
… to this.
der blaue mond
Yeah, that took most of the first season of 30 Rock.  Totally late to that party.

6 thoughts on “i’m not proud of this …

  1. I still lovelove these colors. I must have missed what yarn it was, I’m going to look back to see. They’re very spring-y and happy yet comforting.

    I’ve been meaning to ask, what length needle do use for magic loop? I’m going to try magic loop out soon.

  2. Hm, well I don’t have a telly – not for puritanical or efficiency reasons, but because every time I might have enough money for a TV and the licence fee I end up spending it on shoes or dinner out – and occasionally I really yearn for lolling in front of some brain-anaesthetising rubbish (specifically the kind of bad British TV you find on BBC America). But what I think I really miss – by which I mean miss out on – is the occasional excellent series that permeates popular culture and changes the lexicon. I think it’s only good to watch what other people are watching sometimes, just to keep in touch with the world! And on that note I should climb down from my crumbly faux-ivory tower and go and find out about this 30 Rock

  3. Same here. I mostly watch TV shows I hardly like. Not at all proud of it. Time for a new hobby for me, or something to fill the off time. Since I haven’t had off time until, like, now…

    It is a good time to get some knitting done though. Without TV I hardly get any done. Even with TV lately I hardly get any knitting done. Oops.

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