Photo 37

Today was a momentous day:
1. I started this noro (silk garden sock S258) tube thing which I’m hoping will turn into a pair of arm warmers.  Kinda stripey almost-opera-length fingerless mitts.  Or something.  Obviously the best choice for summer in Nashville.
2. I watched Ron Swanson dance.
3. I found my first gray hairs.  Yes, plural.

4 thoughts on “Photo 37

  1. i am very excited about those armwarmers.
    also, not that i’m advocating for full on early onset grayness, but i think a little bit of gray is lovely. and my yoga teacher has gorgeous gray/brown hair that i am in love with.

  2. 1. Opera length fingerless mitts sound awesome. I keep meaning to make a pair for myself.

    2. Funny stuff.

    3. Ouch, hopefully they won’t multiply too quickly.

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