houston, we have thumb gusset!

thumb gusset!, originally uploaded by katie:m.

I went big and decided to put a thumb gusset on the tube. So far, that’s working for me. But won’t lie, I did have to try a number of variations for finishing the thumb: to cast-off or not to cast-off? In the end and a after a few attempts, I went with not casting-off. Made for a cleaner join at the hand.

Also, after an absolutely ridiculous(ly fabulous) amount of Bon Jovi, I have a conference paper. It is not nearly so photogenic.

And I might have hurt myself jumping around the living room to “Livin’ on a Prayer.”


2 thoughts on “houston, we have thumb gusset!

  1. love all of this. also, i think these kinds of academic injuries are rarely spoken of, but occur quite frequently — it would be great if we could say things like, “oh, i hurt myself writing my conference paper.”

    (i hurt my thumb last week trying to wrestle with my office window. turns out there’s a third latch up top that i hadn’t switched to the open position. i wish bon jovi had been involved.)

  2. Thumb gussets are quite nice indeed. So are finished papers.

    I’ve hurt myself building models but those stories are a bit on the bloody side. Blarg.

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