severe weather

I’ll be honest: I’m not thrilled about today’s tornado warning.  Tornadoes freak me out.  Earthquakes, volcanoes … anything to do with the Ring of Fire?  No problem.  Somehow natural disasters aren’t nearly as scary if you’ve grown up having earthquake drills and watching ridiculous documentaries about May 18, 1980.  Especially the one with the crazy non-president Harry Truman who went down with the mountain.
In any case, today has been the perfect day to stay at home. Alice is snoozing and I’ve been baking. Because, obviously, baked goods were a better decision than, say, writing.
I followed this recipe and then added some frozen peaches and blueberries.

Every once in a while my inner Hausfrau makes an appearance and must be satisfied.  Which is why I’m also working on this bag: so practical!  And I’m using some Lion Brand Cotton Ease that has been moldering in the stash for a bit: frugal, too!

So far, no tornado.  That’s the power of peachy blueberry bread.

Now I really should get to work.


6 thoughts on “severe weather

  1. The weather is severe down on my end as well. No tornadoes thankfully.

    I’m going a little crazy making washcloths with my cotton stash. It’s working pretty well so far.

    Just might have to try that recipe too.

  2. Lots of spring cleaning in these parts. I need one of those bags – my store bought ones are about to kick the bucket!

  3. I just made your loaf – out of my bowen island apples … it’s still in the oven but I can already smell it… Thanks!

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