I wanted fraternity : I got fraternity.  Oh, glorious mismatch!
I l-u-v these mitts.  This might just be my favorite Noro ever (they are all my favorite): silk garden sock S258.  It’s crazy colorful and bright and so lovely.  It makes me think of tulips.  No idea why.
The color sequence was long enough that each mitt is unique: and yet … connected to the other.  See how the bottom of one matches the top of the other?  They are their own little infinity loop.
The flip-top action makes these extra warm, without losing all manual dexterity.  I’ve worn them at patio dinners on cool evenings, in the library and at cafés to fight aggressive air conditioning, and at home just because they are pretty.
Out of laziness (I didn’t want to deal with decreasing) I decided against opera length, but even in this shorter incarnation, they are perfect for shoring up the difference between wrist and cardigan.  (And yes, everything I’m wearing — except the mitts — is from Target.)
In other news, the semester is winding down (terrifying!) and I’m hoping to have a bit more knitting time this summer.  This space, and my knitting, were both somewhat neglected this year: change, transition, unbelievable busy-ness, reading and writing conspired to keep me off the couch and away from my knitting basket.
remember me?
For instance, this is as far as I’ve gotten on the Earth Stripe project: started way back in November.  It makes me a bit sad that knitting often has to be the activity I sacrifice at the end of the day.  Though I try to remember that it is probably better to go slow — or put a project on hold — than to deal with the massive mistakes, and inevitable frustration and frogging, that happen when I don’t have the energy to give my full attention to what I’m doing.
Besides, the relaxation and enjoyment in knitting, at least for me, is precisely that meditative focus of repetitive, rhythmic motions.
der blaue mond
I’ve got a few easy peasy project to finish up — the perfect accompaniment to writing — but am already hatching plans for a summer filled with slightly more challenging projects.  That’s the thing, knitting has felt like an accompaniment this year; during the summer I’d like to have projects that require my full attention and engagement.
I’m also going to update my Ravelry page.

5 thoughts on “fraternity/tulips

  1. Yay! for fraternity and infinity all in one project.

    Good luck finishing the semester and getting back to more complicated knitting.

  2. Those are so great – I love them! The colours are lovely and the infinite-ness (infinity, even…!) is very pleasing and pretty.
    More knitting time sounds excellent – and ooh, saddle-shoulder aran, can’t wait to see that…

  3. Yay fraternity! I’m feeling a bit similarly about knitting, too. I have only about two weeks of this semester left (where did it go??) and I completely stopped knitting over the last few weeks, but now it’s coming back to me.

    I could use a job so I can buy yarn though. Definitely one of my upcoming to-dos.

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