in praise of modestly priced wool

I would like to take a moment and offer up my praise of modestly priced wool.  I should be offering up a virgin sacrifice to the Gods of Graphomania, but … all in all, I’m going with the wool.
cascade 220 (4010)
Exotic fibers are lovely, rare breeds spectacularly strange; cashmere is divine, silk wonderfully soft and heavy.  But sometimes, a girl just wants some wool.  That she can afford.  In pretty colors.  Enough wool for an elaborately cabled cardigan, no less.
cascade 220 (4010)
That is not such an easy proposition.  Thank goodness for Cascade 220 and the sale over at Webs.
It’s no secret: I’m a grad student and that means I’m always on a pretty tight budget.  Especially considering the few weeks in Switzerland coming up later in May, I was afraid travel would mean no saddle shoulder aran.  This is where the praise comes in: for under $50 I managed to get a whole heap o’ wool in a lovely heather shade of ochre.  Just straightforward wool.
cascade 220 (4010)
It’s pretty much perfect, as far as I can see.  Now if it would only do my writing for me …

5 thoughts on “in praise of modestly priced wool

  1. Perfect perfect perfect choice of yarn! I actually have a skein in this colour I bought for…. well, I can’t remember what I bought it for, but buy it I did and It Is So Lovely. So… knit fast on this project please, I want to see it! Heh.

  2. I loooove Cascade 220. Thanks for letting me know about the sale – I might have to stock up a little bit… you know… since I’ve been wishing for some more wool sweaters lately…

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