der blaue mond : ist fertig.

Nashville is experiencing some kind of weather event today.  I know I haven’t been here all that long — and, truly, I like it a lot so far and have all kinds of plans for eating barbeque, biscuits, and fried chicken, not to mention tracking down the roaming hipster taco truck and watching live music — but the weather seems awfully, um, moody.
der blaue mond
So this is the best I can do today.  Kinda dark.
The thunder woke me up at 6:37 a.m. which was pretty spectacular in itself because it was so loud and sustained.  (And I’m not a light sleeper.  Or used to thunder of this magnitude.)  My first thought was: ohmygod, bomb.  Then, ohmygod the frat boys next door have a bomb.  Then finally, I should get up and start writing.
As destruction did not seem imminent, I went back to sleep.  And woke up to find it darker.  I hate these day-for-night mornings.
der blaue mond
Despite the weather issues, I’m pretty pleased with these socks.  The second one seems to fit a bit more loosely, but considering I started them in November, the size is amazingly consistent.  The Hundertwasser yarn feels sturdy — it’s a bit rough during the knitting — and the colors are wonderous: my sock got compliments in the coffee shop yesterday.
I think I’m going to start another one right now …

5 thoughts on “der blaue mond : ist fertig.

  1. It’s supposed to be raining today but there’s still light, albeit, the cloud filtered kind.

    I’ve got some Hundertwasser that I can’t wait to work with for some awesome stockinette socks.

  2. That’s so dark! How did you survive? (I know what I would do: light lots of candles and drink lots of tea.) Hurray for finished socks!

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