Oooh, look at all that sock progress!!

glitter + Regentag


Not much to see here.  But I did finish paper numero dos … and am now settling into the last one.  Or, rather, I will be once I get back from a no doubt ill-advised trip to Knoxville tonight with a friend to see this friend’s friend’s band.  Kind of a nice bookend, though: same band I saw with the same friend on the very first weekend of the semester.  Circle of life.  Just don’t tell my parents.

Also, yes, I am almost thirty and I still wear glitter polish.


3 thoughts on “glitter!

  1. hooray to all of this. glitter, rock bands, knoxville. have fun tonight!

    hmmm, maybe some glitter will help me finish this paper…

  2. Enjoy the show in Knoxville! It’s the perfect time for year for wild nail polish. My toes are just dying for a pedicure.

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