three things

Photo 33

1. sock progress: Still pretty boring.  Though I did get another compliment on the Hundertwasser yarn and my mad reading-while-knitting skillz at the coffeeshop this afternoon.

2. new glasses: It’s no secret that Stefanie Japel is my flashy muse.  In real life, I’m a wallflower.  It’s fine, I’m over trying to be different or wishing the shyness away.  Here’s the problem: I’m a wallflower who is secretly flashy, who loves to sparkle and is always looking for a sly opportunity to let the LOUDness out.  I can’t help it.  It doesn’t make any sense, but that’s what a paradox is.  So I wanted some new glasses.  Thing is, I’ve got a monster prescription to correct my ridiculously myopic eyes; lenses always cost the earth and, as a result, I go with pretty conservative choices because I wear glasses all the time.  This goes against my secretly flashy nature, but is The Responsible Decision.

Enter  I heard about them from Ms. Japel when she bought some glasses online.  My prescription newly updated (but no worse, thank goodness) I ordered some flashy glasses.  I was sceptical: would my lenses cost extra for being extra thick?  Nope.  I paid 39 bucks for a pair of glasses.  In fact, I played copycat and got that top peachy-orange pair.  I’m still getting used to them and sometimes people kinda do a double take that makes me wonder if they were the best choice, but then I remind myself: $39.  And I’ve still got the old purple ones to fall back on, for those days when I’m just all wallflower.

3. The Flood: it’s pretty much everyone’s favorite topic of conversation around here.  With good reason: it’s bad.  The city is still conserving water and I haven’t had a real shower in a while.  But that’s small potatoes.  Ann over at Mason Dixon knitting has posted a couple of updates and some pictures.  So many people are starting over with nothing, the least I can do is not shower and ask you to consider making a donation to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee here or the Middle Tennessee Red Cross here.