three things

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1. sock progress: Still pretty boring.  Though I did get another compliment on the Hundertwasser yarn and my mad reading-while-knitting skillz at the coffeeshop this afternoon.

2. new glasses: It’s no secret that Stefanie Japel is my flashy muse.  In real life, I’m a wallflower.  It’s fine, I’m over trying to be different or wishing the shyness away.  Here’s the problem: I’m a wallflower who is secretly flashy, who loves to sparkle and is always looking for a sly opportunity to let the LOUDness out.  I can’t help it.  It doesn’t make any sense, but that’s what a paradox is.  So I wanted some new glasses.  Thing is, I’ve got a monster prescription to correct my ridiculously myopic eyes; lenses always cost the earth and, as a result, I go with pretty conservative choices because I wear glasses all the time.  This goes against my secretly flashy nature, but is The Responsible Decision.

Enter  I heard about them from Ms. Japel when she bought some glasses online.  My prescription newly updated (but no worse, thank goodness) I ordered some flashy glasses.  I was sceptical: would my lenses cost extra for being extra thick?  Nope.  I paid 39 bucks for a pair of glasses.  In fact, I played copycat and got that top peachy-orange pair.  I’m still getting used to them and sometimes people kinda do a double take that makes me wonder if they were the best choice, but then I remind myself: $39.  And I’ve still got the old purple ones to fall back on, for those days when I’m just all wallflower.

3. The Flood: it’s pretty much everyone’s favorite topic of conversation around here.  With good reason: it’s bad.  The city is still conserving water and I haven’t had a real shower in a while.  But that’s small potatoes.  Ann over at Mason Dixon knitting has posted a couple of updates and some pictures.  So many people are starting over with nothing, the least I can do is not shower and ask you to consider making a donation to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee here or the Middle Tennessee Red Cross here.


3 thoughts on “three things

  1. 1. Sock progress is awesome, especially, if it also involves reading at the same time.

    2. I like the new glasses. Go rock the flashy-ness.

    3. The pictures I’ve seen are just staggering. It’ll take a long time to recover.

  2. I’m right there with ya on the wallflower-flashiness. A few years back, I gave myself blue highlights that I LOVED, they were so pretty! But then all the staring ensued, and I haven’t done anything so daring since.

    When you order glasses online, how do you make sure they are the right size?

    Oh, and good luck with all the flooding! We got snowed in this winter more than once, mother nature sure knows how to put us in our place. 🙂

  3. The flood sounds just awful – I’m actually quite annoyed that it’s getting so little coverage over here because everyone’s so worked up about the election (which, obviously, matters too… but still….).
    Reading whilst knitting – jealous!
    The new glasses are so great – I’m terrible at wearing my contacts 24/7, must get better at allowing my poor little eyes to breathe!

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