FO : Hausfrau


I finally finished the Hausfrau bag.  For such a simple project, it took me quite a while (3 weeks) to complete.  I think that had something to do with my extreme dislike for mesh patterns.  All of that k2tog.

The yarn is Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in stone and terracotta.  The acrylic made the cotton easier to work with, though I am worried about extra-stretch … hopefully it will keep its shape and be sturdy enough for actual use.


As for size, I think it’s okay: 11″ wide and 9.5″ across (unstretched) with a 5″ handle (that is, a 10″ handle folded in the middle).  The mesh certainly has a lot of give and I have a feeling that the bag can hold quite a bit of produce.  More than one might imagine, in fact.  As I’m trying to empty my refrigerator before heading off to Germany next week (!) I don’t have a lot on hand to test out that theory.

In other news, I resurrected girasole:

girasole, revisited

I’m now on the second repeat of chart E.  It’s slow going, I won’t lie, but oddly soothing in its repetitiveness.  As long as I don’t interrupt the rhythm, I’m fine.  Needless to say, the rhythm is inevitably interrupted and I find myself having to turn ssk into k2tog or vice versa.

We’ll see how far I get.  It took quite a few episodes of Bones, Parks & Recreation, and 30 Rock to make it through about 10 rounds.  At 640 stitches per round … that’s serious business.  It’s all part of my “relax and enjoy the process” project, which is the underlying theme of all my summer activities.  As a committed and dedicated worrier, this is difficult.