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I finally finished the Hausfrau bag.  For such a simple project, it took me quite a while (3 weeks) to complete.  I think that had something to do with my extreme dislike for mesh patterns.  All of that k2tog.

The yarn is Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in stone and terracotta.  The acrylic made the cotton easier to work with, though I am worried about extra-stretch … hopefully it will keep its shape and be sturdy enough for actual use.


As for size, I think it’s okay: 11″ wide and 9.5″ across (unstretched) with a 5″ handle (that is, a 10″ handle folded in the middle).  The mesh certainly has a lot of give and I have a feeling that the bag can hold quite a bit of produce.  More than one might imagine, in fact.  As I’m trying to empty my refrigerator before heading off to Germany next week (!) I don’t have a lot on hand to test out that theory.

In other news, I resurrected girasole:

girasole, revisited

I’m now on the second repeat of chart E.  It’s slow going, I won’t lie, but oddly soothing in its repetitiveness.  As long as I don’t interrupt the rhythm, I’m fine.  Needless to say, the rhythm is inevitably interrupted and I find myself having to turn ssk into k2tog or vice versa.

We’ll see how far I get.  It took quite a few episodes of Bones, Parks & Recreation, and 30 Rock to make it through about 10 rounds.  At 640 stitches per round … that’s serious business.  It’s all part of my “relax and enjoy the process” project, which is the underlying theme of all my summer activities.  As a committed and dedicated worrier, this is difficult.


5 thoughts on “FO : Hausfrau

  1. I like the wide strap on Hausfrau. Hopefully, it’ll work out for you.

    I understand the giant rounds all to well since I decided to make a giant Hemlock Ring. Those last rounds are going to have about 700 stitches.

  2. Nice bag ! And the lace looks interesting! If you happen to be somewhere around Düsseldorf (Cologne or Wuppertal, Dortmund, etc.) and in need of a coffee, let me know. I’d love to meet you in person! Nice yarn shop in Düsseldorf, too 😉

  3. Germany! Jealous. You can always check how Hausfrau does there, since you usually have to bring your own bag to grocery stores. I’m glad to see Girasole again, too. Sooo pretty.

  4. Germany – I’m completely jealous! How long are you going for? Hopefully you’ll find time to blog while you are there so we can travel remotely too!

    Hausfrau is really cute, and of course Girasole is beautiful. I’m just catching up on blog reading – so I’m not going to post 8 comments but wanted to say congrats on finishing this semester and I hope you have a wonderful break!

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