t-minus 12 hours

So I’m heading off tomorrow: first to a cabin on a pig farm in Pennsylvania for a get together with some New Jersey friends; then, to Switzerland (and Germany!) to hang out and do some research.  It’s going to be a bit more of a working vacation than I’d intended, but I was probably just in denial thinking my reading list wouldn’t find a way to tag along.

One project that won’t be coming:


Yep, girasole.  These photos are a couple of days old: I’m just a few rounds away from finishing all the charts and moving on to the edging.


Unfortunately fate has intervened … and I won’t have enough yarn.  Unless, of course, this last skein magically replenishes itself.  So unless that happens — and that’s not very likely, given how the other skeins have just petered out — it looks like I’m going to have to order more yarn.  Which means girasole will be on hold for three weeks.


Which also means I’ve got to wind some yarn.  Maybe before I vacuum.  Definitely before I pack.

I’ll try to post some pictures, but I’m pretty awful at remembering to take them in the first place.  Let alone get them off the camera and onto the internet.

In any case, I’ll be back in June … yay for summer!  I hope you’ve all got lots of wonderful things lined up.


6 thoughts on “t-minus 12 hours

  1. Have fun on your trip even if it is more work than play.

    I hate it when I run out of yarn. Good luck getting some more. It looks really nice so far.

  2. Now that’s a combination I didn’t see coming — pig farm in PA + Switzerland! Have a wonderful time. Switzerland and Germany sound just delightful at this time of year.

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