switzerland will break your heart

It’s just that beautiful.


We drove over the Klausenpass yesterday: 6000-some feet, up above the tree line … it was one of the most spectacular experiences.  The pass is closed in the winter and had only just opened for the summer: it was quiet, empty, and cold.  A very peaceful afternoon somehow.

There was snow at the top,


and cake!  It is now my dream to stay at this hotel someday.


All of these were taken out of the car window, as we wound our way up one switchback after another.  The Germans say “Serpentine.”  I think that’s a much nicer word.




I don’t know why, but this one is my favorite: something about the colors and the movement, the stone building against the mountains.


I promise I’ll get back to the knitting soon.


7 thoughts on “switzerland will break your heart

  1. Looks like a great day! I’m not too fond of mountains myself, I prefer the coast up north, but the looks are truly spectacular. Hope you’ll have some good weather down in the south, right now it’s horrible up here in the middle of Germany…
    Enjoy your stay!

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