finally, some knitting

Here I am, back at home in Nashville: drinking coffee, eating cherries for breakfast, and watching soccer.  Along the way I might’ve also watered the new container garden (veggies and herbs, yippee!!), knit some through the last repeat of chart g on girasole, and cuddled with the kitteh.

i did my best

I did my best, but it wasn’t enough this time.  The temporary tattoos obviously have to come back for the next game.  (Honestly, soccer isn’t a big thing in my life, but it’s fun to get caught up in the spirit of it all.)

But to the knitting!

1) girasole


I’m almost finished with the last repeat of chart g.  That means only the knit-on edging remains, and knit-on edging is no joke over 640 stitches.  Unfortunately, that last skein of yarn you see above is my last one.  Not even the most generous of estimates nor the most incorrigible of optimists could predict anything but a yarn shortage at a tragic moment  … and Schoolhouse is sold out of this particular shade of JS Shetland jumper-weight.


So I’ve decided to break out the contrast color.  That’s right, contrast color.  This jumper-weight has been haunting my stash since I bought the kit for a Swedish Dubbelmössa way back when.  I decided on ghilie green (fc46) and honey (fc43) for reasons that now elude me, as I don’t usually pick dark greens.  In any case, now it’s time for ghilie green to hop out of the stash purgatory, onto my needles, and save the day.  I’ve got three skeins and I’m hoping that’s enough to get through the edging.

I’m also hoping that a contrast edging won’t look wonky.

2) regentag


As you can see, not much knitting happened in Germany and Switzerland.  We were busy, busy, busy and somehow, at the end of the day, all I could do was go to bed.  These socks got some attention — there were a couple of quiet evenings — but it’s been slow going.

3) EZ saddle shoulder aran


This is my tortoise project.  By nature, I’m something of a ponderer — not to say slow poke — and I’m taking my sweet time to work out all the fiddly details of this sweater before casting on.  So another swatch.  Now I’ve got to work on the cables.

4) souvenir yarn

You didn’t think I’d forget that, did you?


4 thoughts on “finally, some knitting

  1. hooray for all of this! (well, except for the german loss.) and i am in love with that yellow swatch. and, of course, cherries for breakfast.

  2. Glad you had a safe and fun trip.

    1. Girosole has definitely jumped on my queue since I’ve finished Hemlock. Can’t wait to see how the contrasting edging turns out.

    2. Those socks will probably take over your mind soon enough.

    3.Cables sounds fun.

    4. Awesome souvenir yarn.

  3. What? Only one skein of souvenir yarn? For shame. 😉 Seems like you had a pretty quick trip through Germany and Switzerland. Hope you had a good time though!

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