happiness is …

happiness is

… a wall of hand-knit shawls.

I did the math today and realized that I have moved six times in six years.  That’s a lot of packing and unpacking.  This year, though, I’m staying put.  And taking advantage of the chance to do some organizational fine-tuning around the apartment, the kind of stuff you just don’t get to if you’re always on the way to a new place.

Closets are organized, containers are planted, and now the shawls are out for all to see (well, me, anyway).  In the exhaustion of moving in, and then the exhaustion of the semester (which started soon after), I never got around to taking the shawls out of the closet or off the back of the chair.  Target to the rescue!  (And my dad, who believes in independence through power tools.)  A few minutes of work and voilà!: instant hand-knit heaven.

This display makes me quite happy.  And quite wishful for more shawls.


6 thoughts on “happiness is …

  1. yep, that’s my definition of happiness. (your shawls.) hooray for staying put. i’m starting year 3 in my apartment. so nice. (and welcome home!)

  2. So pretty – I love how shawls can become a decorating thing! I have a wall quilt rack that I store my shawls on – and I constantly think I need to have more!

  3. Now that is awesome! I love the idea of having your handknits brighten up every day, not just the days when you wear them.

    Moving 6 times in 6 years?!?! Sounds terrible — I just moved for the first time in 5 years, and it was kind of traumatic. Don’t know how you do it.

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