edging : day 3

It would be a blatant untruth if I said that knitting this edging was anything other than hugely boring.  I’ve crept past the half-way point (no turning back now) and am into 400-stitch range.  The end is in sight, but just barely.

edging : day 3

The good news: I really like the ghilie green edging and really want to wear this soon.  I’ve been wrapping myself up and running to the bathroom mirror — dangling yarn, needle cable, and all — just to occasionally check progress, and so far it’s lovely.  There were moments of doubt, when I thought that perhaps I would end up looking like a version Miss Hughes in her “beige woollen shroud,” but now I can’t believe that I actually *made* this.
Air conditioning in Nashville is aggressive and I’ve often wished for a shawl that is basically a socially-acceptable blanket to wrap up in.  I think this just might be it.  It is huge.

edging : day 3

edging : day 3


3 thoughts on “edging : day 3

  1. swoon. this is gorgeous. i’m with you on the idea of socially acceptable blankets. way better than snuggies.

  2. Here’s hope the boring edging doesn’t go past day 4.

    I also think that will work with a huge socially acceptable blanket.

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