Two big projects off my summer list: girasole and lizard ridge.  That’s right, both of them.

Let’s start with girasole.




Almost exactly 11 months (many of them spent in my craft closet of purgatory doom), close to 1400 yards of jumper-weight wool, and one move to Tennessee later, I’m amazed that I actually finished this shawl.  It’s beautiful.

Yesterday I was a bit lost without this shawl to work on.  It had definitely become a part of my routine.

how do i wear this?

how do i wear this?

Though I’m still not a 100% sure how to wear it.

Lizard Ridge is, without a doubt, my oldest WIP: I started it in April 2007.  Wow.  Since then I’ve:

1. moved to Germany

2. broken up with one boyfriend

3. left one graduate program

4. moved back to New Jersey

5. found a new graduate program

6. got some health problems resolved after many years

7. moved to Tennessee

8. finished my first year in the new program

It was time to shut it down.

Even after all of those years, I still only had 10 of the 24 required squares.  Yeah, not looking too promising.  I sat down to start square no. 11 last night — while watching Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (creepy) — and realized that I just didn’t want to knit this anymore.  Maybe I could have finished up one or two squares, but I needed 14.  And so I decided to stop.

This morning, I laid out all of my squares for a lap blanket.  Then I thought, I don’t really need a tiny blanket.  How about another shawl?

Now I have a shawl.  Well, now after a couple hours of stitching pieces together and weaving in ends.

Making this up was no joke.


It’s just 10 squares, arranged in an L-shape: one long row of six squares sewn together side-to-side, topped by a block of 4 squares.  For the moment, I decided to leave the edges raw and curly.  We’ll see.

lizard ridge, modified

lizard ridge, modified

All in all, I like it.  But mostly, I’m happy to have put the Lizard Ridge to bed.  It was time.

10 thoughts on “2-fer!

  1. victory is yours, on both counts. hooray! i too, wonder about how to wear the circular shawl…there must be some kind of interwebs tutorial out there!

  2. Hooray! I LOVE Girasole. Such a beautiful project — it has both a rustic vibe and a delicate vibe all at once.

    Lizard Ridge looks great, too, and it’s great to be done!

  3. The Girasole is very beautiful. And I think the contrast edge really works well.

    As for wearing, simply fold in half to make a semi-circle and wrap. Very comfy.

    Congratulations on hitting two out of the park and clearing the WIP pile. I need to follow your example and do the same thing.

  4. Your Girasole turned out beautifully. I like the 2nd wearing option best.

    I like the lizard ridge goodness. Looks like a very cozy piece.

  5. Beautiful! Girasole is great, and I think the contrast edging really works. And kudos to you for salvaging Lizard Ridge without knitting any more block – the resulting wrap looks great!

  6. Great idea for Lizard Ridge – it’s always strange to look back over a period of time and realise just how much happened in it. I end up wondering how I fitted it all in without ever feeling like a million things were going on at once. You’ve moved so much!

    Girasole is beautiful – the way you are wearing it in the second photo looks great. The edging is perfect.

    How satisfying that they are both done – out of the closet of purgatory doom with you!

  7. Girasole is beautiful – I’ve been looking at this pattern lately, and yours is making me want to cast on for it tonight!

    Turning Lizard Ridge into a shawl was a great idea – its beautiful – and getting something like that done is such a good feeling!

  8. Both projects are beautiful. I hope you enjoy wearing them. Girasole will likely fall into place for you once you feel cold. It looks like the perfect thing to keep the chill away. However, I’m not really the one to advise. The one circular shawl I knit is serving time as a tablecloth.

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