wine bar.

I think that’s where I’d like to be spending my time.

Summer is always a weird transition in grad school: it feels both endless and always almost over; the list of books to read is preposterous, and yet, one holds out hope of making a dent somehow; there is so much work to be done, but it still seems possible to combine that with new adventures and hobbies.  See above: apparent (illusory) endlessness.

I’m a person who needs a schedule.  Otherwise, I end up reverting back to my hermit-like ways and spending a lot of time hanging out with my cat.  Whom I love, but this is a scenario which leads me to announcing — in public — that I sometimes think about dressing her up.  Ironically, of course.  But still.

So that’s why I’d like to spend more time at a wine bar.  It would get me out of the house, the library, or the coffee shop, and seems like a classy kind of destination for reading.  Until that masterplan goes into action, though, I’m working on learning to sew in a straight line (not easy), making many a wonky skirt (all meeting the minimum requirements for wearable if one isn’t too picky), and knitting some stripes.



I’m following the Ishbel pattern, just adding stripes every 2 rows.  I’d like to do something different in the border/lace sections, but I haven’t figured that out yet.  Right now, I think I’d like a big, striking motif that is a little bit lacey and leaning towards delicate to contrast with the worsted-weight yarn (cascade 220), large needles (US9/5.5mm), and dense stripes.  We shall see.  Luckily, the Nashville Public Library has most of the Barbara Walker treasuries.

In other knitting news, I showed off my girasole (at a wine bar, incidentally) the other evening to much acclaim.  I love how lace on this scale looks impressive in a way that is totally out of proportion with its actual difficulty.  Sure, it’s not easy, but it’s also surprisingly rhythmic and pleasurable once you get the patterns down.


Anyway, in the process of showing off, I discovered that I’d knit an old-style Penguin mystery-and-crime shawl.  I love the green Penguin mysteries (this was an especially good find: both a green Penguin and an elusive Cambridge murder) and was even more pleased to find out that I’d managed to recreate the color scheme in wool.

Without a big project on the needles — I’m still dragging my feet on the EZ saddle shoulder aran — I’m feeling slightly lost.  Maybe it’s time for another ginormous circular shawl?  Hmmm.  Malabrigo lace?  In a flashy color?  Must put on pants and investigate.  And then get to the wine bar.