on second thought

on second thought ...

I *do* want a tiny blanket.

on second thought ...

on second thought ...

on second thought ...

So a while ago I ripped some seams and sewed some new ones and voilà!: instant tiny blanket.  It’s only 3 x 3 squares, so basically a lap blanket that doesn’t reach my toes, which — as it turns out — is the perfect size for warm evenings on the couch.  The scarf thing was good, but I was afraid I wouldn’t get much use out of it … and, well, the Lizard Ridge was just too big (in terms of long-drawn-out investment of time, at least) to hang up on a hook and forget about.  So blanket it is.

And it’s expandable!  The blanket scheme left one extra lonely square, but with just two more (3 x 4) I could cover my toes for winter.

Also, I very much love that my camera can’t handle pink.  It looks like the wool is glowing.


2 thoughts on “on second thought

  1. Lap blankets are indeed awesome stuff. I keep them stashed in various places around the house.

    Your blanket looks really cozy and wonderfully colorful.

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