on the road again

back on track

It was officially no. fun. tinking back 422 stitches, but it also wasn’t the worst.  In fact, I think I would much rather tink back stitches than, say, clean the bathroom or clip the cat’s toe nails.  So that kind of puts it in perspective.

The tinking went surprisingly quickly — tediously, but quickly — and now with the first round of the diamond madeira set up correctly it’s been pretty smooth sailing.  Smooth and very slow.  What you see here is the first six rounds … of a 36-round chart.  Over 574 stitches.  I will not complain, I did this to myself.  But I will also not do the math.

back on track

This is true “knitted lace” — which may or may not actually exist — in that there is patterning every round.  Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of the every-round YO … mine always end up looking slightly messy and stringy.  Not to mention uneven.  But I’m putting my hope in the corrective power of blocking.

That’ll even everything out, right?


8 thoughts on “on the road again

  1. the power of blocking
    I say without mocking
    will make the stitch right
    and the Y/O bright
    and sparkle of knit lace
    will make you a knit ace

    (sorry should be working instead of goofing… yikes, but pharmaceutical translations … oh well)

  2. Trimming my cat’s claws was always a hassle…and usually took 2 people.

    Anyway, blocking is the good stuff. Especially for yarn overs.

  3. Four-two-two? Oh my.
    That’s crazy lots of stitches.
    (I guess you noticed.)

    I can’t do rhyming couplets but I can offer you a commiseratory and celebratory haiku – it’s looking great!

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