FO : stripey ishbel, modified

My apartment is pretty dark, so whenever the sun manages to sneak through, I’ve got to be ready.  Good thing I can’t seem to get Monday started this morning.

I finished the stripey ishbel late last night, long after I should have been in bed and no longer watching Criminal Minds.  Because that is a show that will freak out a girl living on her own.

stripey ishbel, modified

stripey ishbel, modified

stripey ishbel, modified

As you can see, I went with a garter-stitch border.  The shawl was already pretty large because the goal was to use as much of the single blue skein as possible (mission accomplished!) … and adding a narrow lace border just didn’t seem like the answer to me.  So I knit about a 2″ of garter-stitch, bound off, and blocked the sucker, all while the brave (yet stylish and witty) BAU team caught some more very bad guys.

I love the ishbel shape: wider across the top for better wrapping, shallower down the center for a less overwhelming amount of wool to wrap.  All in all, this is pretty large: it took a little over 200 grams of Cascade 220 (I was working with partial skeins, so I’m guessing a bit) and measures about 70″ inches across the top, 27″ down the center.

At first I was a little worried that the stripes weren’t contrast-y enough, but now I really like the strange subtly of the blue and gold.  I’m definitely going to show this off tonight while watching a Kurosawa epic.  (On a related note, how did I end up living in such a cool place?  Seriously, Nashville, you continue to amaze me with your strange brand of unexpected awesomeness.)

All the details here.

so snoozy

In other news, my favorite Alice (who just might have been renamed “Alice Alpert and the Kitty-juana Brass” last night)  is pooped and happy to be back from her week at the vet’s office while I was away.  Poor little lady, she’s been doing nothing but some serious snoozing since we got home.